Delivery & Return

Delivery Policy

  1. Delivery date and time are subject to available options for each product.
  2. To avoid any problems and/or delays in the delivery process, the buyer is advised to ensure entering complete ‘receiver information’, especially the address and telephone/mobile number.
  3. we undertake the responsibility to deliver the product in good condition to the address stated in the order. However, we will not be responsible if the receiver moved out, or refuses to receive the order for any reason.
  4. In case it is difficult for us to contact the receiver at the stated address, or we are unable to leave the product in a safe place, we will leave a business card, to contact us, and re-deliver within (24) hours. In this case, we do not guarantee the product quality for more than this period (i.e. 24 hours).
  5. we keen to deliver within the buyer’s preferred times, if specified. However, this does not mean that we guarantee to deliver at these times. This is due to heavy traffic and/or bad weather.
  6. Prior to order placement, we highly recommend that the buyer reads delivery terms and conditions.
  7. we are not responsible for any failure to fulfil our commitments if it is due to force majeure, a natural catastrophe, and/or out-of-control incidents, such as fire, war, enemy actions, terrorist activities, government punishing procedures, road blockage, curfew, labour dispute, strike, electricity/telephone/internet cutout/interruption or failure; and others.

Cancellation/ Amendment:

  1. If the buyer desires to amend/ cancel the order, they can directly call our support team, or send an e-mail to (
  2. As long as the order has not been confirmed by us, the customer can cancel the order, with their liability to the expenses incurred to transfer the amount(s) back. Money refund may take more than (30) days, according to the policies of the approved bank.
  3. Order cannot be cancelled after confirmation.
  4. In case of the customer’s desire to make critical / core amendments to the order, they need to cancel the order first, then reorder. This will result in liability to the incurred expenses.