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Yes, you can make flower purchases through Azhar24 without creating an account.
Creating an account will help you to track your order easily, save your addresses for your next orders, get cashback as a reward once your order is completed, add products to favorite list and getting the latest offers and discounts.

Yes, you are free to change your personal information.

We strive to simplify everything. Therefore, you do not need to set a password and remember it every time you log into your account.
All you have to do is register with your mobile number. We will send a verification code “OTP” every time you try to log into your account.

Products & orders

You can get detailed information about the product from the product detail page.
If you have any questions about the product, please contact our customer support team.

Yes, but some may look slightly different because:
• Some flowers may be delivered as buds that have not sprouted yet; this is to ensure that they live longer in the vase.
• Difficulties in finding the exact flowers ordered due to the unavailability of the products in the market or seasonal effects, we have the right to replace them with similar/equivalent ones.

You can choose to customize your order and add your own touch through the options available on the product page.
for example, You can choose to add a custom card, a teddy bear, chocolate, vase, as well as choose your preferred type of balloons.
If you have other requirements, please contact the support team.

My Wallet

It is a digital wallet that allows all registered users to get cashback and use it when they shop from Azhar24.

  • Create an account on Azhar24
  • You will earn 100 QAR in your wallet for the first time.
  • You can use your wallet credit during the checkout process.
  • When the order is completed, you will receive a cashback in your wallet that you can use in future orders.

Simply, login to your account then click on “My Wallet” link on your account dashboard.

Offers & discounts

You can simply use it on the checkout page.

Some coupons have their own conditions applied. So, the reason why you didn’t have any discount could be: the coupon had already expired; the coupon required some custom conditions to be met in order to be active, e.g., “buy a specific product to get your discount.”
Please contact our support team for more details.


You can choose your preferred delivery time during the purchase process.
If you have other requirements, please contact our support team.

No, you do not need to know the detailed address of the recipient. All you need to know is the area and telephone number.
We will contact the recipient to determine the exact address and the appropriate time for delivery.

If you have entered the wrong delivery information, immediately contact our support team.

You can see all your saved addresses on the ‘My Addresses’ page in the ‘My Account’ menu. You can click on add a new address to add a new recipient’s address.

We need the recipient’s phone number to arrange the delivery of the order.
If you do not want us to contact the recipient, you can choose ” This is a surprise order, don’t call the recipient” during the checkout process, and we will deliver to the specified address without contact with the recipient.

You can choose your preferred delivery time during the purchase process, and we will deliver the product as soon as possible within the specified period.

Delays on delivery may be caused by:

  • Incidents that are out of our control, e.g., bad weather, storm, etc
  • You have entered wrong delivery information
  • The recipient is unavailable at your chosen time and requests to arrange the delivery for another time.

Please contact our support team for more details.

No, there’s no problem with your order.
Some flowers may be delivered to you as buds that have not sprouted yet; this is to ensure they live longer in the vase.
That’s why they look slightly different from the displayed photos.

Order Tracking

After successfully making a purchase on Azhar24, we will contact the recipient for delivery arrangements and deliver the product within the specified time to the address provided on the order form.

If you choose “This is a surprise order, don’t call the recipient” during the checkout process we will deliver the order to the address provided on the order form without contact with the recipient.

Yes, of course, if you have an account at Azhar24.
You can track your order status on the ‘my orders’ page in your account.


No, the recipient is not liable for any transaction settlements. All the payments are done by the buyer.

Yes, you can use cash on delivery payment method if you are the recipient and the order will be delivered to your address.

Any debit or credit card that has the logo of Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, or troy is supported.

Cancellation and Refund

If the product has been prepared for delivery, cancelling the order will not be possible, but if it’s not prepared yet you are free to cancel the order by contacting our support team.

After you contact the support team and agree to cancel the request, you can follow the status of your request on the ‘Orders’ page of your account. After your order has been cancelled, the money will be refunded within 7 to 10 working days to the same credit card used for the purchase.

Safety tips

The following tips will help you to shop safely on the internet not only on Azhar24:
– Do not share your verification code “OTP” with others.
– When you log in to your azhar24.com account from a non-personal computer, always use the ‘sign out’ option when leaving the site.
– If you are establishing a wireless network connection, set a password for your connection through your modem settings.
– Azhar24.com does not request information such as password or card information by e-mail. If you encounter such a situation, please inform our customer support team.
– Take your security to the highest level by using software such as anti-virus, spyware, and firewall.

Get help

To get help, you can speak directly to our customer support team through live chat on our website or email us at support@azhar24.com. You will receive a reply within a short period of time.


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