Terms & Conditions

In accordance with these terms and conditions, this website and its services are available for users.

1. Definitions:

1.1. Company: AZHAR Twenty Four for Trading in Flowers, a Qatari company with limited liabilities CR No: 142802.

1.2. Website: Azhar24 website ( The website is completely owned by the company.

1.3. Customer: the person who is interested in using the website to buy some of its products – they may be referred to as ‘buyer’.

2. Products:

2.1. All the products displayed on the website are owned by the company. The role of the website is to be an online shop for secure shopping and payment transactions.

2.2. Some flowers may be delivered as buds that have not sprouted yet; this is to ensure they live longer in the vase. Therefore, they may not look exactly like the displayed photos.

2.3. Beware! Some of the flowers may hurt animals, and they may sometimes be toxic.

2.4. Generally, we are keen to deliver all the product items that match the displayed ones. However, the delivery is subject to availability at the order time and the seasonal effects. Therefore, in case it is difficult to deliver as in the displayed photos, our florists reserves their right to replace them with equivalent products/items of the same value, without notifying the buyer.

2.5. In case we are unable to deliver after accepting the order, we will notify the buyer as soon as possible, in order to refund the buyer as per the amount refund policy.

2.6. We guarantee that the displayed product quality and quantity are as per the description attached with the product.

3. Order/ Order Confirmation/ Payment:

3.1. We are responsible for providing the buyer with clear instructions/guidelines to complete the purchase transaction; and, in turn, the buyer is responsible for providing us with all required personal information, and the information of the recipient/receiver/addressee, necessary to complete the payment process.

3.2. Payments through all common, essential credit cards are accepted.

3.3. Order confirmation is subject to electronic acceptance; the buyer receives a confirmation to his/her e-mail, notifying that the order has been accepted. The order will not be considered as involved in/committed to any contract/ deal until be confirmed.

4. Delivery:

4.1. Delivery date and time are subject to our available options for each product.

4.2. To avoid any problems and/or delays in the delivery process, the buyer is advised to ensure entering complete ‘receiver information’, especially the address and telephone/mobile number.

4.3. We undertake the responsibility to deliver the product in good condition to the address stated in the order. However, they will not be responsible if the receiver moved out, or refuses to receive the order for any reason.

4.4. In case it is difficult to contact the receiver at the stated address, or unable to leave the product in a safe place, we will leave a business card, to contact them, and re-deliver within (24) hours. In this case, we do not guarantee the product quality for more than this period (i.e. 24 hours).

4.5. We keen to deliver within the buyer’s preferred times, if specified. However, this does not mean that we guarantee to deliver at these times. This is due to recipient availability and/or heavy traffic and/or bad weather.

4.6. Prior to order placement, we highly recommend that the buyer reads delivery terms and conditions.

4.7. We are not responsible for any failure to fulfil our commitments if it is due to force majeure, a natural catastrophe, and/or out-of-control incidents, such as fire, war, enemy actions, terrorist activities, government punishing procedures, road blockage, curfew, labour dispute, strike, electricity/telephone/internet cutout/interruption or failure; and others.

5. Cancellation/ Amendment:

5.1. If the buyer desires to amend/ cancel the order, they can contact our support team or send an e-mail to (

5.2. As long as the order has not been confirmed, the customer can cancel the order, with their liability to the expenses incurred to transfer the amount(s) back. Money refund may take more than (30) days, according to the policies of the approved bank.

5.3. Order cannot be cancelled after confirmation.

6. Customer Care Center:

6.1. In case the customer is unsatisfied with any service and/or product, they can complain directly to the support team.

6.2. Due to the sensitive nature of most of the products available, we recommend that a complaint, if any, is submitted within one working day from the order delivery. This will enable us to promptly respond to any complaint received, and achieve mutual satisfaction.

6.3. Azhar24 Complaint Policy: in case of any problem related to Azhar24, please contact us, and we will do our best to fix it.

7. Disclaimer:

7.1. While we do our best to ensure continuity of the website access, and provide a service that fulfils our customer’s needs and requirements, up to their satisfaction, we neither guarantee the aforementioned nor undertake responsibility for any failure or service interruption due to force majeure.

7.2. We take responsibility for our negligence or the fault of one of our team members, if any.

7.3. We are responsible for the customer’s money if it is proved the order has not been delivered as according to our Terms & Conditions.

8. General Terms and Conditions:

8.1. By using Azhar24 website, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.

8.2. We reserve the right to amend or add to the Terms & Conditions, from time to time. It is the customer’s responsibility to read them each time they access the website.

8.3. In addition to the above, we also reserve the right to suspend, restrict or cancel website access for any reason, and at any time.

8.4. The customers’ personal information will only be used for business-related purposes, in order to fulfill our commitment towards them, as per Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

8.5. All buying and selling transactions executed on this website are subject to Terms & Conditions, which are interpreted according to the Qatari law; and all parties accept the jurisdiction of the Qatar courts.

9. Copyright:

9.1. Copyright, including publication rights, are owned by Azhar24 Company. It is prohibited to use the website and/or its contents, including copying, storing, distribution or forwarding without written permission from the company. This excludes the personal use of the website and/or its contents for buying and selling transactions.

10. Registration Service:

10.1. The website provides a registration service as a FREE privilege for the customers willing to use the website in accordance with Terms & Conditions. The customers’ personal information will be saved for providing good service to them. The data will be used only for official use.

10.2. To register on the website, you need to be 18 years old or above.

10.3. When registering, you will be asked to create your own password. Kindly, keep it safe, as you will be deemed responsible for all the transactions executed using this password. If you don’t know, or you have a doubt that someone knows it, kindly, immediately change it and/or notify us.

10.4. If you forget the password, kindly, use Change Password service.

10.5. In case we have a reason to believe that there is a potential security penetration, or abuse of the service and/or the website, we may ask you to change your own password, or suspend the service.

10.6. Please, ensure entering correct details on registration, or during later access sessions.

10.7. The purpose of the service is to assist in executing buying transactions via the website. It shall never be used for any of the following purposes:

10-7-1 Publishing any material and/or statement that is illegal, or of annoying/irritating, defamation, damaging, threatening, harmful, vulgar, disgraceful, or unacceptable nature.

10-7-2 Getting any unauthorized access to other computer systems.

11-7-3 Penetrating the information and/or using the privileges of any other website user.

10.8. We reserve the right to reject the publication of materials on the website, and to remove/delete any materials that have been published on it.

10.9. While taking all reasonable precautions, and providing fair care of the service, we do not guarantee that the use of this application is flawless, or will not be interrupted, sometimes. The use of the service is your absolute responsibility, and we take no responsibility, whatsoever, for the losses or damages that may be incurred as a result of using the service.

10.10. Your access to the website may, sometimes, be restricted for routine maintenance and/or application updates.

10.11. These Terms and Conditions are applied, along with the website general terms and conditions, to control the general use and the location of the order. We are committed to protect your privacy. For further details please visit our Privacy Policy page.

10.12. If you have any inquiries and/or concerns, please, contact our support team.

10.13. By registering in the service, and providing your own details, you agree on our use of the information as described above. When you provide information about other persons, you also confirm that these persons agree on providing their information to us, and on our right to use it as per these Terms and Conditions.